Wednesday, August 08, 2007

I should be writing. (Well, I guess I am...technically!) Two months ago I emailed the new choir here at IHOP and asked about joining. Didn't hear back until yesterday afternoon, when I got a one-liner asking if I could audition this morning. I went to bed actually excited. EXCITED! That's a little bit of a triumph for me. Many things interest me, some things worry me, and far too often new things scare me. But to excite me (so that I can't fall asleep for an hour) is hard. I've actually been asking the Lord about this over the last few weeks, and I think this might be the beginning of a journey of discovering enjoyment.

Anyway, back to my story. I pulled out a vocalization sheet I still have tucked with my music and did some exercising this morning (vocal cord exercising, that is). Then I sang a few times through a Chad Mitchell Trio song that I know the words to, thinking that I would need to have something to sing to the auditioners. But, an email arrived that has crushed the hopes for the moment, as the choir rehearses during 2 of the hours each week that I actually have a job and am unavailable! So sad. However, I have discovered something that is new to me, and important to know. I feel good. Physically good. Twenty minutes of really using my voice seems to have released endorphines of some sort, rather like running does for runners. I wasn't only made to worship, I was made to sing, and one often can't really use the full voice singing just worship songs, as I've been doing for the last few years.

(Boy, if my mother ever read blogs, she'd be overjoyed by this one!)

So... my roommates may not like it, my friends may not enjoy it, but I'm going to have to SING. (Actually, my roomies and friends probably will be just fine with it :)


Anna Peterson said...

I agree that your friends and roomies will be just fine with it -- overjoyed, in fact. I wish that I could hear you more often...

and job -- what job? fill me in!!!!! fill me in!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello friend -- long time no hear from. How's your writing going? If it is anything like the prayer you wrote in your April blog, I am sure it is going well. That is some pretty amazing emotion there! You are brave to put it out on the web like that. In your recent blog you said you are starting to sing, but in my opinion, that's not something new -- your prose already sings with a music all its own!

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