Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Petting Zoos

My little sister Annie came out to KC to spend a few weeks before she begins her senior year of high school. What fun! (coming to KC, not another year of school) We've been taking care of Glorie-Bee full time, designing little "adventures" to have with her, making dinners, cleaning the house, watching movies, doing bible studies, and GETTING ADDICTED to Facebook and DINERDASH2 (which I keep calling DinnerDash). Yes, so sad. Getting addicted.

Check out Annie's blog for a more detailed list (with photos) of our days' adventures. So far, the most fun we've had (lots of it consisted of taking photos, which makes for very self-conscious fun) was taking Glorie to the petting zoo. Giggling at almost all the scenes in Sense and Sensibility was a good second. Here are some fun glimpses of our excursion, including a "big grass", some wading in the footpond, a little handwashing at the pump, the small family feeding the duck, some anna-joy amongst the flowers, and a cramped bit of pretty obvious proof that the adults usually enjoy petting zoos more than the kids...

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