Friday, October 19, 2007

At Church and Fest

I'm going to slowly release news of Arden's visit here. Here are some pictures of Sunday, when we heard Lou Engle preach (and sat in the very, very last bit of carpeted bleachers), then repaired to Weston, a little Irish town with an overpriced Irish Fest and a few great swings. I'll let Arden narrate...

At first we thought the bleachers were specifically designed for playing (which they probably were)

But then our attention was captured by the sermon .... Lou, you're brilliant!

And we calmly grabbed each others' water bottles until the end, when Glorie pulled out HER FIRST CLAP in praise of Lou's calling to end abortion in the U.S. -- Hooray! I caught momma and aunt mamy both crying, and we got so many kisses afterward.

Then we went to Weston, where Glorie learned that she is Irish (we both are, actually).

And thought that was great news...

And we all did some swingin'

Other than that, Weston turned out to be expensive and boring, so we ditched it in favor of food and an apple farm,

Where we found a big bell to ring,

But not any apples on the trees (aunt mamy went looking),

And Way Too Many pumpkins.

I decided. I don't like pumpkins.

Neither does Glorie.

The next day we had more pumpkin adventures, but I'll wait till later to tell you about them. Aunt Mamy is getting tired of uploading my pictures onto blogger. Love you all! Here's a parting shot of me, momma, and aunt mamy. I was ready to go home by then. We all were.

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