Friday, November 09, 2007

And...One Last Report to Make

So, Kim did come over with Nyquil. And while we talked, and she sat on the floor and leaned against my dresser... (you won't believe this) ...the large antique mirror sitting atop it FELL, SMASHED, and landed upsidedown on top of her. When it was all over (which seemed to take eons while I sat frozen watching) she was sitting in a pile of glass with a beam of wood on top of her head. I've never, actually truly and honestly, seen that much broken glass. Not just broken--I now know what "shards" actually means. And "smashed", and "shattered", and "splintered", and yes, even "smithereens". Besides being bigger and scrolly, I guess antique mirrors were thicker than they are now...about four times thicker.

Two roommates came running. A split second after they reached the door, the bulb in my overhead light gives a greenish flash and dies.

"I'll get the vacuum," says Nicole. "You'd better put shoes on," says Kim to me after I've extracted her from the wooden frame. So I swing the door aside to get my shoes, and the mirror on the back of the door falls off. At least it wasn't smashed to smithereens (I'm entitled to use such words now, now that I know what they mean), but WHAT ON EARTH?!

Who knew so many adventures could happen to someone who hasn't left her house all day. So we run around trying to deal with glass bits and shards all over my room, only to discover that two police cars and an ambulance have pulled up outside. Turns out they were there for the nice old man who lives next door. I think he's going to be fine, as he seemed pretty aware and awake when they wheeled him out. He broke his hip a while ago.

All I can say is, I'm glad Kim was here. She's a great cleaner, logical in emergencies, and takes everything in stride. In my sick-state I might have just sat in the glass, in the dark, and cried if she hadn't been around. The end result? I'm drugged up on Nyquil, have a blank wooden mirror frame above my dresser, and no mirror on the door. If I want to see what I look like, I'll have to climb up to the little decorative one hanging above my bed (which, right now, is actually a blessing. you can tell by looking at the photo posted one blog ago). Besides that, the only other good that came out of all this is that the vacuum I mentioned two blogs ago was put together, and my floor and dresser were swept and dusted.

If anyone has an interpretation I'd love to hear it, cause this seems like the sort of thing that needs interpretation.

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Dorothy Peterson said...

That is the WEIRDEST thing I have ever heard. So weird. "What on earth?" just doesn't suffice for this. I think "WHAT IN THE FAT?" is a bit better. It is definitely what I would have said had I been there. Isn't Kim great? I am so glad she was there, of all people. In fact, it is quite good that I wasn't there because in my hyperness, I am sure I would have broken many other priceless pieces of furniture. Did you ever figure out why the light bulb died? How bizarre.
Knowing you, I am sure you have already thought of this, but if you haven't, be sure to pray over your room and your whole house. Who knows what amazing conversation or prayer you and Kim were about to have right when the enemy intervened with a host of distractions to keep you from it. I prayed after I read your blog.
welp, that's my thoughts. Love an miss you.