Friday, November 09, 2007

Oh Sally, Thank You

It was a beautiful fall day ... yellow sunny leaves, warm air ... and I spent it inside with a cold. Yuk! I did get an hour of reprieve as Dora took her webcam around their new house in Hawaii and I got to see the pad, watch Arden walk, and imagine what 80 degrees would feel like just about now. Sam has gotten home from work early and they're heading to the beach. The BEACH. (No, that's not envy you're hearing. Just the boredom that comes from feeling too sick, for too long.)

When one is sick and home, one hatches all sorts of plans. "I'm going to..."

1st try: Vacuum my floor and dust my room. NOPE. Old vacuum doesn't work and the new one needs to be assembled. Feel too sick to assemble things with screwdrivers.

2nd try: Take a nap. NOPE. The sudafed I took was "non-drowsy" and the tea that feels so good on my throat was not decaf.

3rd try: Prepare a book proposal. NOPE. If I have trouble proposing books when I'm fully myself, how well do I think I'll do when my head is so stuffed up I hear my own voice through miles of tunnels?

4th try: Wash all my jackets and coats in prep for winter; sort the drawers and clean out everything I don't wear. NOPE. No good reason, just "nope".

I could go on. But I may try to tackle a few of the other things that I Can Do, even while sick. Let's a magazine, find a recipe for Thanksgiving turkey, and write a blog. While listening to a few good operas. But even that gets difficult with stuffed up ears. Maybe I'll have energy to put Rick Joyner on tonight, but I sure won't be going to the meeting in person.

A very nice thing did happen today. Sally asked if she could bring me something from her grocery store trip, and I asked for frozen orange juice (it's lots cheaper than fresh, you know). She showed up an hour ago with my very favorite, Simply Orange (it's fresh squeezed, not from concentrate, and has no added sugar). She had no idea, of course, that it's exactly what my little heart actually craved, nor that I even liked that kind. Jesus knew, though.

Last night Nicole and I tried to watch Tommy Boy on my computer. (Don't take that as an endorsement--I hadn't seen it since it came out over 10 years ago and there are definitely some must-fast-forward parts.) The dresser did great as a TV stand, and the bed as a couch...until we sat on it! At which point it (box-spring and all) collapsed down onto the floor. She's about as tall as I am, and the frame is rickety with unstable slats, and, well... Both of us are about the weights God intended us to be, but the bed-frame makers didn't confer with God when they made the specs, I guess. Or, it could be that we were putting two on a twin. Whatever the problem was, it decided not to bow out gracefully even after we hoisted the mattress off, fixed the slats, and remade the bed. A play button pushed; a gingerly-done climb onto the bed, one by one; a gentle scoot to get into comfortable positions; and whalah! Another collapse. At least the second time two of the slats stayed in place and we didn't end up on the floor. So we proceeded to watch. I can't recommend the whole show, but I can recommend the getting-changed-in-an-airplane-bathroom scene. I'm surprised the bed made it through, cause the two of us were almost crying we were laughing so hard.

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Anna Peterson said...

The bed collapse sounds like QUITE the adventure - the ones that make everything so interesting...I crave that sort of awesome random things...