Friday, November 16, 2007

Turning Things Around

I'd thought it wasn't coming, or was going to be a dull flop, or that it'd passed me by.

Autumn. Fall. Cool beauty and days of conscious enjoyment of the current good. Unfortunately, it helps us be thankful when we know that worse times are ahead--and Kansas City's winters can supply plenty of those times.

Which is why I felt I'd lost something tangible when the summer turned into a wimpy, slow sort of fall and the trees turned dead, rusty brown instead of golds and oranges and reds. And then, and then I got sick and was indoors for a week. An entire week. Talk about going from bad to worse. It barely registered on my consciousness that they were an unexpected boon of balmy days, and that I was missing what little beauty I might have salvaged from the season.

Until I recovered, and emerged, and found to my joy that trees that have begun to lifelessly fade can, in rare instances, be turned glorious by a particular sequence of unlikely temperatures. KC has erupted into beauty I'd given up hope of seeing! Yesterday I walked into my sister's house and was blinded by the glow of a red sugar-maple in the back yard. It swept through the kitchen windows, spread glory in the hall, and lifted my head as I stood in the front entrance.

GlorieBee and I spent some time trying to enjoy the gift as much as possible:

This is what life ends up being like, isn't it? We see disappointment coming, we brace for it, we endure it, and we forget to imagine that God has joy and restoration up His sleeve. But He turns things around (most usually our hearts) after we've given up human hope.

I have an admonition for you. When He does this, let yourself rejoice. Don't hold onto the disappointment, don't keep bracing for the next downer. He's big enough (and interested enough) to guide your fragile heart through the next adversity when guiding is needed. But He certainly wants us to actually eat the feasts He provides and walk in the joy of the moments.

Take your inheritance: no more fear of disappointment, no more distrust of God!

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