Thursday, December 13, 2007

I'm Melting

Have you ever been in an icestorm's meltdown? This is what the world looked like this morning:

Behind my house is forest. What had been see-through, scraggly trees became a hoary, opaque whitishness. It reminded me of flying through clouds. Now, the sun has come out. A melting ice storm is like hail mixed with rain, all under a sunny blue sky. The wind comes up and small pieces of ice litter the air, constantly falling in tiny,medium, and large chunks, dripping sweet, clinky splots of water onto the puddled ground. The roof sounds like the day the acorns fell, and the baby hasn't taken her nap. How could you, when outside is a wonderland of nature's best sequins floating through the air and lining the trees and roofs, and music like you've never heard the best orchestra play (or, in Glorie's case, the best ipod selection)?

We did have some fun, instead of sleeping, playing around with some of the Christmas decorations. We found them in the windowsill. I'll have to try to rearrange it all before Lizzie comes home, but it was worth it!

This was indescribable fun. She kept putting it on her head and over her shoulders, as she just learned to do with hats. How did she know white tulle is so appropriately placed there? Dressing for weddings must be an instinct of the very youngest of girls.

Do you know how delightful it is to push chairs around the living room? Glorie does.

It's something we need to learn, this taking joy in simple movements and new noises. I feel I'm melting like the ice, though it takes me longer and is often not so beautiful. What was treacherous is now just moist. What was hard is now pliable. What was fear-inducing is being banished by the Son.

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