Tuesday, February 12, 2008


A few weeks ago Lizzie, Kim and I met some girls at a movie as a last-minute treat. We were seeing Juno, the story of a teenage pregnancy that ends in adoption not abortion. I knew its creators were not attempting to weigh in on the pro-life side of things, unlike the recent Bella, but I was still surprised by what I encountered, both in the theater and on the screen. I went home and wrote a blog post on Radiant about it that night.

Interestingly, it seems that being controversial (the furthest thing from my mind at the time I wrote the post) is the best way to get people to comment. (Take note, all you bloggers.) The next time I looked, there were 4 comments (compared to the usual 0-1) and all of them disagreed with me--some politely, some rantingly. Not one of them seems to have actually understood (or read?) what I was saying. (Which, by the way, I have found to be not so unusual among those whose habit it is to address controversial subjects in online forums and what-not. This in itself is worthy of an entire, musing post.) I'll leave that for a later date, and put here a link to the blog on Juno and the comments it generated. Oh, and if you get worried that the comments hurt my feelings, put yourself at ease. By the time I finished reading the accusations that...

I think it's more "godly" to "treat women as peripheral characters"

and that

I "keep decrying feminism without an actual understanding of the term"

and that

I "live in bubbles of only Christian friends"

and that

I "think I'm so holy because I don't laugh" at certain things

and that

I "sit around judging them because of the movies they watch"

...yes, by the time I finished reading all that stuff about myself (it was news to me), I was laughing.

Enjoy! Juno

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