Tuesday, April 01, 2008

I'm Moving...

Well, my friends, it seems that during the times God is doing the most in my life, you (and my journal) hear the least from me. I’ve got a backing up of things to record that is shocking, and I’m not going to be able to share it all right here, since my nails have just reached that stage at which they’re a tad too long to type fast. (Have you ever noticed how that happens? One day they’re fine, and the next day they’re too long? And it’s not like I had some sort of big steak and calcium dinner last night either.)

Back to the point … I’m moving to Hawaii.

Yes! I’ve known it for some time, but it hasn’t seemed real, even to me. And when it didn’t seem real to me, I didn’t know how to make it sound serious when I told you. So, I tried to wait until it hit me a bit more. That, um, hasn’t happened. It might be because months upon unending months of winter chill and ice and snow here in Kansas City have blocked my heart from even knowing that such warm and balmy places as Oahu exist.

However, that is going to CRUMBLE when I step off the plane, so I might as well start believing before seeing. I just started reading a tourist guide a few days ago (though I won’t be a tourist), and have a plane ticket for April 28th, and am beginning to get excited. My brother and sister-in-law, Sam and Dora, live there. He is being deployed for six months, and I get to go keep Dora, Arden, and the little-unknown-one company while he’s gone.

The last few weeks here in KC I’ve been doing some adventuring (at least, what seems like adventuring to me). It involves moving out of my pretty little digs in Nicole’s house (poor, bare, empty room!), and earning some extra cash doing temp work. I’m currently stationed at a staffing company for truckers, doing things like employment and background checks. It’s a rather wild and woolly sort of place, and for some reason they love me, though I’ve been admonished to “stop sounding so nice on the phone…they won’t want to talk to us after they’ve been put on hold so sweetly.” In my first day of running through some pre-screening question with callers looking for jobs, two truckers confessed, frankly and apologetically, their previous felonies. Though I might have felt differently had they been face-to-face, I really wished I didn’t have to turn them down for jobs. They sounded so sorry about it. (I’m thinking I’m not cut out for this sort of work.)

Have you ever heard the perfect, stereotypical “how YOU doin’” line? I’ve only seen it in movies, but the other day two truckers treated me to the most quintessential rendition I expect to ever encounter. I barely kept a straight face, and managed only to stand at the fax machine with my back to them and laugh as silently as possible. I now wish I’d laughed right back at them and thanked them for the amusement. I don’t think they would have minded.

I’ve started praying for the truckers as I work with their files. Only thing I’m worried about is that my supervisors won’t love me quite so much if they happen to walk in while a strange language is fluttering off my lips and doing things in the spirit. But that’s ok. Working and praying is just way more fun than simply working. I like the word “abide”, and I’m noticing that He has increased my ability to walk within His presence even while I’m being very, very busy.

That’s enough regaling you with stories. Let’s get back (once again) to the point. I’m moving to Hawaii. My car is already half-stuffed with luggage, the two most beautiful dressers in the world are on their way to Indiana with the Adams (two of the most beautiful people in the world), my green rug is gracing Lizzie’s floor (and not quite matching, but I’m hoping she’ll keep it anyway), and I’m sharing a bed with Kim in Lizzie’s spare room. *Please note* -- one cannot DRIVE to Hawaii. That is not why my car is packed up. I’m driving to Chicago (arriving on Apr. 15th) and flying to Honolulu. Just wanted to clear that up, in case any of us are still laboring under the impression one of my previous bosses had—that the highways certainly go as far as Hawaii, since he’d seen cars driving around KC with Hawaii license plates.

I’m worried I’m going to miss Glorie worse than I can anticipate, and I know that life in KC will continue though I’m gone and can’t watch Anna Brinkmann turning into Anna Rogers or Jeremiah Hall getting taller or Winston breaking out of the yard twice a day (did you know that St. Bernards have the same ability as mice to spread themselves thin and squeeze through the narrowest spaces?). But there are some definite “yes’es” coming up in Hawaii, too, and I’m pretty sure God is the one who has been leading me toward them. I’ll share them as they happen.

(All you Chicago people, be forewarned…I’m going to want to hang out with you while I’m visiting!)

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Anna Peterson said...

Custard! And don't I know that your car is packed up to come to Chicago... =P See you soon!