Sunday, May 04, 2008

Something Less of a Production

The days here seem so long. (Dora disagrees with me.) There are three big chunks of time...morning before Arden's nap, afternoon after Arden's nap, and evening. Sam & Dora's church service is not until evening, which creates a Sunday with tons of time.

This morning we were going to head off to a beach where Sam insisted the water was good for beginning surfers. In spite of my determined, immediate "no" when he asked if I wanted to learn, I was sure I was going to be egged into getting on that board. I was saved when the pregnant one among us suggested doing something a little less of a production. (Meaning, babies don't have to first be slathered with sunblock, and then have the sand bathed off them afterward.) A hike was decided on. It only took about 10 minutes to drive to the trail-head (the mountains, as I've said, are ringing us closely).

Here we're posing beside a sign warning of leptospirosis in the water. It is suspected that GlorieBe picked this up when she was here in Hawaii a few weeks ago. (Her tests don't come back until Monday.) I very bravely resisted cleaning my muddy hands off in the river we were constantly crossing. On the plus side, there were no bugs, no poison fact, no dangers but muddy roots and lepto-water.

We couldn't go all the way to the falls, as Dora had a luncheon to get to. But we did reach the top of the first peak. Can I brag about Dora for a minute? Pregnant, and at the top! I find that amazing :)

It was very muddy, and this river had to be repeatedly crossed. Rather slippery stones... I kept reminding myself: "three points of contact at all times." As it turned out, I didn't land on my rear in the water, but on the regular trail when I became so engrossed with the story I was telling I forgot to watch where my feet were landing. I may find a few unfortunately-placed bruises tomorrow :(

We found the trail-head in this beautiful neighborhood, nestled at the foot of the tallest mountain visible from our living-room windows. (I'm not sure yet of its name.)

And here's a tiny video to give you a taste of the subdued, wet noises that accompany jungly fresh air, tall tree canopies, and babies so engrossed in watching the ground over their daddy's shoulder that they never make a peep.


In retrospect, I don't quite understand how this muddy, clambering hike was "less of a production" than lazing on a beach. But I long ago learned a valuable lesson ... never argue with a pregnant woman!

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