Thursday, May 01, 2008

Halfway There!

I’m halfway there! Well, almost. One hour less than halfway there. The flight from Las Vegas (where I am steadily ignoring the banks of glittering slot machines filling the airport’s corridors) to Honolulu will be about 5 hours, while Chicago to LV was only 4. I’ve another 2 hours to wait here for my flight. It’s a bummer to be doing this all while I should be sleeping, though coming in at night does mean I get to see some tall buildings all alight. And, Oh--I’ve just spied what seems to a 20 storey tall ET-like figure. Hmmm, maybe it’s a sphinx. Kind of hard to tell with the weird lighting, especially because I’m looking at it through banks of airport windows that reflect everything in the gate area.

And what are they reflecting?…

  • There are a shocking number of people here, given the flight doesn’t leave for 2 hours yet. Seems like more than a plane could fit! There go my hopes of being the only one crazy enough to get on a 2:30 AM flight…those hopes involved large swaths of unclaimed seats and a lot of snoozing with my legs happily stretched across those said swaths. Alas.
  • There is a very beautiful, tall, model-looking woman accompanying a man of doubtful height and attractiveness.
  • In the corner is a shiny-haired girl about 12, traveling with a 20-something man who is obviously not a blood relative and sports the big-strong-gangster look.
  • Strains of music are coming from the last row, where the hippie with the guitar has settled himself.
  • Plus, quite a few cute little Japanese couples, talking to each other in hushed tones… Several beautiful Polynesian faces scattered here and there… And tourists? Only two sets of them, as far as I can see. Perhaps the middle-of-the-night flights attract residents more than pleasure-seekers. I suppose, in that sense, it’s an appropriate flight for me to be on.

It’s hard to believe I’m actually going to live in Hawaii for months and months. It sounds so silly, every time I tell a new acquaintance (one makes a lot of those, flying) that I’m “moving to Hawaii.” The excitement definitely is starting to sink in, though. Mom hugged me goodbye at the door, and wanted to keep hugging me J, and I just wanted to (jump! Jump!) get on the plane! Dad dropped Annie and me at the terminal so she could help me carry the many bags inside, and I forgot to even say goodbye to him. Bags in tow, I charged toward the glass doors. I only realized what I’d done when, halfway to the counter, Annie started laughing at me. (The situation was rectified, of course, as soon as my bags were checked and I could go back outside!)

About those bags. According to the official airline scale, I could have brought an additional 17 pounds. I’m just happy that my two carry-ons, each pushing the legal size-limit, have made it this far. The last thing I did in Chicago? New sunglasses! My old ones were unreservedly declared unacceptable by my little sister, who also had a few things to say about a certain sundress, and a few other sundry items. All her suggestions were followed. I know wisdom when I hear it!

Uh-oh. Two new things have appeared in the waiting area. Twins. I do love children…I just hope these children love flying!

I’m going to post and leave you to your own thoughts, for I’ll have to move soon. A rather stinky man – this one’s a tourist for sure; I can tell from the flowered shirt – has just chosen the seat next to mine instead of a seat in the entirely empty row opposite. I suppose showering for a night flight didn’t occur to him. I’m starting to cough. Goodbye!

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Anna Peterson said...

I'm glad you left your dubious thoughts about the teenage mind behind when it came to sunglasses and sundresses. Good choice. :)

I am currently whitening my teeth. Are you??? =)

I love you! a lot!