Saturday, May 03, 2008


Concrete jungles like airports don't really lend themselves to dreams of Hawaii. So when I finally escaped the exquisitely designed torture called "Economy Class" and walked out into...more concrete jungles, nothing seemed amiss. Until I realized this concrete walkway had no walls. And beside it was a courtyard of palm trees. And coming from the trees were the harmonized calls of multiple birds. I have to admit, I teared up. Just for a moment, as within a few steps the pathway split and each direction being equally ill-lit and dank, I had to pause uncertainly and wait for a big group of people from my plane to pass by so that I could follow strangers through to baggage claim. (This, you might need at some point to know, is the wisest way to get oneself around strange airports.)

I've been having the same problem here as I did in South Carolina...I can't tell if I'm hot or cold. When you start with humidity, then add sun, great breezes, heat, and occasional rain, the body takes some time to adjust. Adjust I shall, though! After arriving yesterday we drove through towering misty mountains to reach the windward side of the island, I took a little nap, then Dora, Arden and I headed out to see the beach. Dreamy! Lanikai...

Such a beautiful place!

The beaches are public, but in this neighborhood houses lined them. Can you imagine this as your backyard?

After a walk in the hot sun on the beach, it was a toss-up between Jamba Juice and Starbucks. They were next to each other -- very convenient :) We opted for the juice and Arden ended up sitting on the counter, sporting a new hairdo. (It was supposed to be a ponytail, but she wiggled just a little too much during the process!)

One of the things I'm surprised by is how un-touristy it is on this side of the island. I haven't seen the resort areas yet -- I'm sure they'll shock me after this laid-back introduction to Hawaiian life. Today we went for a REAL beach visit, and ended up driving onto the Marine base where Sam works. It wasn't until I was catching my breath over the huge beauty of the waves (we couldn't go in, they were too powerful) that I remembered I forgot the camera. Oh well. Next time... there will be many :)

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