Saturday, May 10, 2008


We didn't have much time -- Sam had to be on base by 11:15, but the idea came up that we should drive down to the southeastern point of the island and hike the Makapu'u trail. Hats, sunblock, and a camelbak were thrown on.

It was a steep trail, but paved, which meant one could spend the time looking around rather than staring at the ground to choose the best footing. These are some of the things I saw...

By virtue of the other day's surfing, Sam's feet are pretty cut up. Thus the one-footed sock-under-Teva look.
The wind was tremendous, so high and on the island's point. Several hats went flying off. Here, Dora is rescuing Sam's, as he has a baby on his back.

We only had an hour to book it up the trail and back down again. Not much time! Usually, when I looked ahead of me, I'd find Sam, waving me to hurry and catch up (very nicely, of course, but geewhiz! he's Navy and I'm, um, not. Our calf muscles are a leetle different...)

The lighthouse on the point. Yes, we're far above it by this time. Unfortunately, we didn't see any humpback whales...this is a favorite calving spot of theirs.

The color of perfectly clear water over black rocks is different than over sand. It turns a beautiful, mysteriously shaded, inky aqua.

This part of the island (a lot of it, in fact) has the look and smell of California. Brown grasses (since it is summer-time and not very rainy), and vegetation smelling sweet in the heat.

The hike was worth it!

Arden had lots of fun...

The rest of us were a little tired and thirsty. Praise God for camelbaks!

Going down was a lot easier than going up. In the wind, Arden's hair looked like the top of a pineapple.

Oh yes, the baby girl is an expert at drinking from a camelbak, in spite of the complicated bite-and-suck combination!

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Anna Peterson said...

That little pony on the top of her head is SO stinkin' cute!! :)