Saturday, May 03, 2008

Everyday Sights

Today I took a short stroll around the neighborhood, camera in hand, and here is what I found. Flowers, flowers, and more flowers...

Did you know that palm trees bear fruit? It was news to me.

A few of these orange blooms, as big as my hand, had fallen to the ground. That was the only way I knew to look for flowers on the canopy of this extremely tall tree.

There is a major Japanese influence to the home landscapes around here. These defined, compact bloom-globes fit so nicely into that genre.

An average bush in front of an average house.

And another one...

And of course, the lei with which Dora welcomed me at the airport two mornings ago! Do you know what sort of a feeling it is to have cool, succulent petals ringing around the back of your neck? If not, you should try it sometime!

Flowers are not the only thing this neighborhood sports. A crescent of mountains, sudden and close, ring Kaneohe Bay and our house. This is the view from the window.

And from the street around the corner...

Then just turn your head 90 degrees... Normal USA, with an extremely abnormal backdrop!

Amazing, isn't it? We drove over those mountains again today to get to Honolulu and some stores, which needed to be combed for an evening gown to fit a pregnant woman. Empire-waist ones will do the trick, and with my last-minute recall of a Macy's coupon I had randomly tucked into my wallet before leaving Chicago, Dora even got $35 off the purchase. One of the things about being a Navy officer's wife is that official functions periodically come up which necessitate the purchase of rather beautiful clothing. I certainly didn't mind helping her pick them out, and Arden managed to hold it together, though she was way past nap and lunch-time. Praise God for Goldfish :)

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