Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Two "No's"

Your parents always told you "two no's don't make a yes," right? Just like "two wrongs don't make a right." Today, however, two of my no's were undermined, and it was my own doing. The jury is still out on whether or not a "yes" has resulted.

I had determined I would NOT get a sunburn these first few weeks of adjusting my skin to the Hawaiian life. I'd done a great job thus far, but today, after several hours at the White Plains beach, I discovered three little strips of burn. Oh well...that's actually a pretty good track record for this Irish-white epidermis.

The second "no" that was undermined today?... Surfing! Sam rented a board (it's only 5 bucks an hour), and after he'd played around for a long time, and I'd watched, he flopped on his back in the sand and started enjoying the sun. Meanwhile, I started thinking how easy it all looked, and how far out the shallow water extended, and how few sharks I'd seen lurking around (none, actually). I grabbed the board, shackled myself to the little lead, and after a few verbal instructions from sun-bathing-brother, this was the result:

The farthest up I managed to get was on my knees. Later on Sam took me out again and gave a push at just the right time, so I could catch the wave with the right speed. Fun! If no sharks are involved, and no rip tides, I think I could like this. It certainly gives the paddling muscles a workout.

Arden will probably turn out to be a natural. Her father proudly took these pictures...

I think this next picture is so cute. She's actually reaching for birds, not trying to strike a surfer pose, but with Sam carrying his board in the background, it speaks eloquently of imitation, desire, and a long, happy future of surfing with daddy.

We bought her some pink Teva's on base the other day. So smart! Aunt Amy might or might not have a long happy future of surfing. Sam can get me some lessons next time we're at that beach (it's a military beach) I have to decide if I want them. What do YOU think?

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