Sunday, June 15, 2008

Are You My Mother?

Oh, I should be writing lesson plans, but I have to tell you... There are pure white birds here who fly around juxtaposing themselves alternately against the tall, green mountains and the blue, clear sky. I don't remember what they are called, but they're one of the prettiest sights this island offers. They also enjoy following the riding lawnmowers around the cemetery by our house. Bugs must lose their cover and make ready meals right after a mow. It's cute and rather funny, because the stately, long-necked creatures act almost like dogs following their master, the mower. Hop, hop, perch.

Arden has a book titled "Are You My Mother?" in which the baby bird gets lost and asks all the things he meets if they are his mother. After he learns the cow and the dog are not, he ends by asking a "Snort" (at which point Arden makes piteous crying noises), which we all know is actually a red dirt-digger machine. She loves reading the book, though she agonizes with it every time through. I've started adding the line, "The baby bird is scared, but we know the Snort is really his friend!"

These white birds already know. The mower is both their friend and possibly their mother. Mothers provide food, don't they?!

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