Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Grammar, Spelling, and Punctuation

Dear friends and neighbors,

It has been brought to my attention (thanks Lizzie!) that I have not been keeping up my end of the bargain regarding this blog. We've had a busy week and a half since Sam left. First off, I decided to take a job...(gulp!)...teaching middle school language arts! It's only a summer position, which is good. Mind you, I've never taught this age group before, and with the curriculum left up to my imagination, you can guess what extent of preparation I've been trying to do.

A friend of Dora and Sam's has come to stay for a week, and we've been busy traversing the island, hitting the best tourist spots we know. It's actually my first time seeing most of these things too...snorkeling in Hanauma Bay, boarding the Pineapple Express at the Dole Plantation, cracking open raw macadamias at the nut farm, attending a music festival in Waikiki, and being somber at the USS Arizona memorial. You'll have to wait for photos of all these things, because the camera's batteries have not been extremely reliable, and a lot of shots are on our guest's camera.

My greatest concern right now is creating good lessons for the students I will meet next Monday. I wanted a challenge, and I think I've gotten one. Those of you who know me well, just remember this one thing: spelling is a part of "Language Arts"!

(It has been reported back to me that a face-on photo of Arden has not been posted on this blog. It's true--she's such an active little girl that it's actually hard to get such a shot! But here is one, taken because my hair was pulled back and we looked rather twinnish with our wisps.)

p.s. She has plenty of teeth, she's just not showing them here :)


Suzanna McDowell said...

I love this picture so much! Ames, I think you were born to be Hawaiian...maybe?

Anonymous said...
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