Saturday, July 19, 2008

Island Hopping

Hooray! We're all excited (except Arden, who really never knows what's going on) as we're heading to Kauai tomorrow morning. Anna and Jim have raved so much that I can't wait to see it, although I really won't expect to have as gorgeous a time as they--the just-married duo of mercy and power. We'll probably have pretty different accommodations, too. After a few posh days in a hotel, Deanna and I are venturing northward toward an organic farm, where you pick veggies in exchange for camping on the land. We'll probably get out of the veggie picking bit, as we're "just visiting" to check it out. But the camping on the land bit...well, we've borrowed a combat tent from a Marine, loaded up on the bug spray (don't tell the org. farmers), and prayed for no rain.

Unfortunately, Deanna has never camped before, so once again I find myself in the position that made me cry out desperately that night in Kansas, "I will never camp again without a man!" (Life doesn't obey inner vows, in case you didn't already know. Neither do tornadoes and storms and eerie flashing lights, which is what generated that cry.) Since then, I've endured thumb-sized spiders dropping like rain out of trees, so I am, supposedly, the "experienced" one. So experienced that it's only just now I've remembered we need a flashlight. Ahh. At least I know how to put up a tent. Other than up, I guess it'll be up to Jesus to be the man, and us to be courageous.

Don't worry. We will be.

What Fun!

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Anna Peterson said...

Wow! picking veggies to camp on the land! can't wait to hear about that!