Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Diamond Heads

Today we got up early and drove to Diamond Head, which is a crater near Honolulu. You drive through a tunnel, park inside the crater, then hike up a bunch of steep switchbacks and several series of stairs until you reach the top, which has a view of Honolulu and the ocean. It's beautiful up there, but with Arden strapped to my back, it was a hard hike. Having inherited the genetic predisposition of her parents toward sweat, she is essentially a 25 pound portable heater--one that occasionally screams in the ears of her bearer. (Being hot and stuck to the back of your aunt is not necessarily the happiest place for an active girl like her.) We used the ergo baby carrier, which is way lighter than the hiking pack. She can use the metal support bars and climb out of the hiking pack even while it is strapped to your back. IF you're going to have a screaming baby back there, it might as well be an immobilized screaming baby, or the hike turns from ear-piercing to nerve-wracking.
The pictures make it look easy, but let me tell you, about half-way up the section of stairs that boasted 99 steps I began wondering if I (who never use weights when I work out) and my personal 25 pound heater were going to make it all the way up. We did, by a lot of sweat and the skin of our teeth (actually, the skin of my teeth and two very light bonks on Arden's head as I crawled and squeezed through the last bunker's slit openings onto the hillside. Diamond Head used to be a military artillery post.)
We did make it up and back in just over an hour, during which time I decided how very glad I am to not be a man. The girls reminded me that if I had been one, my body would have been better designed to carry little 25 pound heaters up sheer cliffs, but it didn't change my decision. I'm glad I'm not one. Men are perfectly designed for carrying heavy things up hills, and in the future I think I shall try to leave it to them.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Amy. I just wanted you to know that I really enjoy reading your blogs. Instead of tirading on and on like so many do, you actually have interesting things to say, and are good at saying them (thus you being a writer!) Anyway, I feel like we're talking on the phone as I read through it. Sounds like you're having a great time. I miss you!
Melanie H.