Sunday, August 31, 2008

Dr. Seus Grooming

Arden is a little bibliophile. Dora has been redecorating the nursery for the new baby, and Arden found this new little basket meant for toys. She promptly climbed in, settled herself down, and began reading.

Little shaggy-head. I cut her bangs the other day, but hair from the back of her head constantly flops all the way forward, and we don't want to trim it in hopes it will eventually grow long enough to be weighed down toward the back instead.

Because of this, tiny little rubber bands are strewn all over the house. We put them in, she takes them out.

Yes, I know you think you see three pigtails... but just wait...

Deanna-the-Dexterous has been taking charge of Arden's hair recently. The result has been at least one more pigtail per day, until this morning, when I finished grinding the coffee beans and looked toward the living room (where grooming had been taking place) I found this:

When we counted (she enjoys the slight pull on each tail as I say the number), it was up to SIX!

We had some fun playing around with the new hairstyle, which makes it easy to keep the stacking cups on top of the head (one of our favorite games). At least, easy for her. Not so much for me. Maybe I should get Deanna to do my hair too.

All in all, with the recent multi-pigtail fad, Arden often looks like a Dr. Seus character (author of many of her favorite books). It's time to rhyme!

Free to roam
Around the home...

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