Saturday, August 02, 2008

An Injustice Observed

When men want to go out looking nice, they put on shoes that are just as comfortable as everyday ones but have an extra shiny polish (or so I've observed). When women want to go out looking nice, they put on instruments of torture that will materially damage their chances of walking comfortably during the next several days. Being already quite tall, I've never felt the need of extra height and so am not used to the rigors of heels. But I found the prettiest pair of black satin ones on an extra clearance price a few months ago, and thought that at some point I'd be sure to use them. Last night was that "some point" when Sam took Dora, Deanna and I went out to celebrate (unfortunately, Sam himself was absent, of course, floating around the Pacific somewhere unmentionable). We made reservations at Duke's (which is on the water in Waikiki), gussied ourselves up, and then to save on valet parking decided to opt for the metered zoo lot, which is at the southern end of Waikiki. It's a beautiful walk, especially just before sunset...provided one is wearing comfortable shoes. (Here are some photos to help you appreciate just how pretty my torture was.)

Other people seemed to think so too. I believe the shoes made me at least 6'1" or 6'2", and I have never been so stared at in my life. They weren't the sort of stares to make one uncomfortable (I was dressed quite modestly), nor were they the sort spent on freaks (I believe I still looked proportionate). I don't know exactly what they were, except that when I appeared on the sidewalk I simply became one of those objects one has to look at as you go by...rather like a car crash on the side of the road, or a homeless man's cardboard sign, or a wedding party taking photos outside a church, or the bearded woman at a carnival. Um, scratch that last one. In any case, it was a relief to sit down and enjoy the colors of the sunset on the water and the tastes of an extremely good meal. It was a delightful evening, and I'm determined I shall wear my pretty shoes again (though perhaps with some judiciously placed padding around the area of the baby toe :). Luckily, I had done an hour-long P90X stretching video earlier in the afternoon, which is the only reason my calves were able to sustain walking in such a position for any length of time. To all you women who wear these sorts of shoes every day, my hat is off. I've discovered one of the benefits of being naturally tall, and (unfortunately) one of those built-in disparities between the experiences of men and women.

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Masha said...

lol amy i feel you! and i'm 5'3" (i think) so i wear heels every day except in winter. you get used to heels of a certain height and thinness and then you move to the next level and suddenly you find you cannot, cannot walk from the senate to the house side without collapsing in agony! (yep, new shoes on a lobbying trip, not a good idea!)
they're patent-leather mary janes... i was so sure i'd break em in :)