Friday, August 22, 2008

Racewalking for our own amusement (and yours)

I often wonder what the neighbors think goes on in our house. The windows are always open, so the laughter must float across to them frequently. Deanna and Dora are usually the instigators, but I happily join in.

Last night we discovered a new Olympic sport (actually, not so new). Racewalking. Scores of men with starvation-sized bodies were walking around and around a track, swinging their hips just as fast as they could. After we convinced Deanna (whose objections were quite loud) that it wasn't an SNL spoof, she decided that she and I must race. I won those initial heats, probably due to my long legs, but once the camera started rolling I seem to have lost my concentration and pace. The final product is posted on her blog... please have as much fun watching it as we had making it!!

RACEWALKING in HAWAII (Competitors: Deanna and Amy)

What next?

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