Tuesday, August 26, 2008

To Kill Some Skin Cells

Deanna and I decided to head off to the beach a week ago while Dora was out with Arden. Lanikai beach is one of the prettiest places on earth. A little sea turtle came and hung out in the water near us. We had to explain to a few very eager tourists that it was illegal to harass them. In spite of our efforts he was chased off several times, and several times returned after the coast seemed clear.

Unfortunately, a place can be seductively beautiful...at least, seductive to those of us with Swedish and Irish skin who shouldn't be outdoors at all, it seems. I had to sleep with an ice-pack that night. Mind you, tons of sunscreen had been applied before we went, but Michael Phelps had so inspired us that we spent the first hour floundering around in the water trying all his strokes. It was the butterfly that sent us into hysterics. I'm surprised the people in kayaks didn't come ask us if we were drowning, for we certainly looked like it.

It seems that we forgot about the principle of re-application, instead spreading ourselves out on the sand, chomping down on cheetos and grapes, and reading To Kill a Mockingbird. I've learned my lesson, though. It won't happen again. From now on I shall be obsessed with sunscreen (in a very healthy way, of course), and if any of you come visit me, I shall be your personal sunscreen conscience.

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