Monday, September 01, 2008

Division of Labor

I just got a facebook message from an old school friend of my younger sister, at the end of which she says that my baby is so cute. How embarrassing... It's true, the profile pictures on facebook don't have any captions where I can specify I'm holding my niece, not my daughter. My "single" status might give people pause (or not) when they see that photo. Hmm... perhaps I'll choose a new one.

In other news, I washed my hands this morning and discovered they are painfully bruised across the tops of the palms. After I'd briefly and frantically wondered what sort of rare disease attacked hand muscles first, I realized my adventures with the lawnmower yesterday were more intense than these writer's hands are used to. It took quite a few tries to get the thing started, but I had to do it as guests are coming tomorrow and I'd already put on grubby clothes, slathered myself with sunscreen, and donned the straw hat. Here is a little demonstration of what occurred after the gas tank was refilled (note, if you can, the slightly wobbly looking front wheel):


I'd been determined to do this, as our friend who mowed it last has been uber-busy at work so Sunday is a precious day for him to spend with his wife and baby, and the other man we might call on for such things just had his second child (rather, his wife did) and I couldn't stand the thought of making him leave them to haul his lawnmower over here and cut our grass!

He, by the way, made a passing comment a few weeks ago that must be shared: "Men's bodies aren't good for much...we can carry things," he said, "but women make food and they make people!" It's a comment I have highly appreciated since--it's not often you hear a Marine so vocally self-denigrating. He was in perfect earnest, but you should have seen his dancing eyes. His very-pregnant wife smiled quietly, while I laughed out loud. I guess women's bodies are pretty amazing. But so are men's--a point that has been driven home often in Sam's absence as I do things he normally would have done. When my sister Lizzie married Peter she made a deal with him -- he would care for the cars, the lawn, and the garbage; and she would do the food and the housekeeping. This strength-based division of labor is not sexist. It's delightfully honest!

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Anna Peterson said...

Haha! Lawn: by God.

Awesome video.