Sunday, September 21, 2008

It's something to navigate, the difference between facebook and a blog. For those of you not on facebook, I'm adding a little video here of Kim's visit and the avocado hunt we went on. Taylor had told us that the old Pali Highway had tons of avocado trees growing alongside. That was all we needed to know!


We found the old Pali highway during a hike. It was like walking along the ruins of an ancient civilization. And there, high above our heads, was an avocado tree. I haven't much of a pitching arm, so after a few pitiful attempts I decided to photograph the others throwing rocks up to try to loosen the fruit. I happened to catch the big moment on a video. The funniest part (which you can't really see) was watching the fallen avocado roll down the steep highway once it hit the ground. You CAN see Deanna and Kim running after it. This, in case you need to know, is how to harvest an avocado!

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