Monday, September 29, 2008

Wedding Sausages!

What you see there, folks, is Amy Peterson ENJOYING this mysterious delicacy known by our family-in-law as Wedding Sausages. At the grocery store they go by "Lil' Smokies". We threw a baby shower for the upcoming Burrito (Dora's 2nd daughter, due in about 2 weeks) and in honor of Dora, we pulled out the crockpot, headed to the commissary, and anchored the party with...Wedding Sausages!

Now, you need to know a little bit of history here. Dora's brother OJ first introduced the Peterson family to the existence of wedding sausages when he requested they be present at the reception of he and my sister Suz. I'm sorry to say, once the Northerners (we Petersons were transplanted to Chicago long enough ago to qualify) were informed of what exactly these things were, his request was denied. (To be fair, I don't think the caterer even had such an item available.) Seems that in the fair South, wedding sausages are staples at every party.

Wedding sausages are placed in a crockpot and heated in a soupy mixture of barbecue sauce and grape jelly. From there, little toothpicks are provided with which to impale and raise them to the mouth. (I thought I needed to be explicit here, as many Northerners read my blog.)

What love induced me to provide these sausages at Dora's shower, you may guess. The deed was done and I endured the scorn of all present as I ate, in public, my first wedding sausage. Here is the confession you've been waiting for: I went back for seconds. And thirds. These little things are tasty! After the evening was over I was challenged by Dora and Deanna, who laughed as they mocked, "So Amy, now will you have wedding sausages at your wedding?" To which I firmly replied, "No. They're tasty, but they are definitely not a wedding sort of food." Groans, as you can imagine, were my answer.

However, I have no shame in displaying to you these photos of me gulping them down, posing with them, and recommending that you take the chance to try one if you ever can.

Dora and the Belly

Kim winning the "how fast can you dress a baby while blindfolded" game. All we had to use as the baby was a stuffed-animal Martian that some neighbors gave Arden.

We ended by decorating onesies for the Burrito...

Being glamorous...

And posing with WEDDING SAUSAGES!

If you've made it this far in the blog, your reward will be great. Well...perhaps not. But you do get to watch a video of me trying out on the public one of the gifts the Burrito was given. It's called "Moo, Baa, La La La." (Something I first became familiar with through my association with Glorie-Be.) Enjoy!



Anna Peterson said...

Awww...I just read that book to Judah today! I didn't do the sounds as well as you... :)

And GRAPE JELLY? wow. I really must try one someday

Heidi said...

Aedyn loves your post. Moo, Baa, LaLaLa is one of his favorites!
Miss you!

Dora said...

Listen. There was no scorn people! Don't believe anything Amy wrote. #1, we were super excited and happy she tried them, and ecstatic that she LOVED them. there was great joy and rejoicing, not scorn. AND, there was no mockery in anyone's tone asking her if she would have them at her wedding. Because we sincerely hoped she would. Too bad that snobbery is more important than good taste. Silly Yankees.

Amy Rachel Peterson said...

Snobbery, eh? I freely admit they're tasty little things, but at weddings where people are wearing their finest, "good taste" would dictate I don't subject them to barbecue/grape-jelly stains down their fronts, wouldn't it? Snobbery indeed!

Anonymous said...

that little alien baby is freaky. it's even more freaky that you are reading to him (her? it?)