Friday, October 10, 2008

Active Waiting

We're waiting.

Did you know that waiting is an active sort of thing? "The Lord is good to those who wait for Him, to the soul who seeks Him." Lam 3:25. I mentioned this scripture a few weeks ago, I think. "Qavah", or "wait", involves more than just sitting still. It is an active sort of hope and expectation. That is just what we are trying to practice...

We have bags packed, lists ready, coaching tips tucked away, a mother here, and a place for Arden to go. But it doesn't depend on our readiness. One little unnamed girl, who is probably smiling away inside her safe, warm home, is the variable.

In the meantime, we wait. And try to amuse ourselves. Let's see...

Sam sent me a blouse from Kuala Lumpur. Actually, that's where the box was mailed. The present (so elegantly referred to in his letter as "the shirt-thingy") was probably from Hong Kong. The flash went off in this photo, so it appears brighter than it really is. Very pretty. I wonder if he remembered that I love wearing the old Chinese silk coats my mother inherited.

Let's see...what else are we doing to distract ourselves from the impending labor?

Beaching it, of course!!!

We went with Pat (Dora's mom) to Kailua beach yesterday and I took Deanna's boogie board with us for an inaugural run. Poor Deanna...she got it after a glorious day at Bellows led us to believe that perfection at beaches was to be found easily. Then time after time we would be disappointed...the water was too tame, the water was too rough, the Portuguese Man-o-Wars were out in force, etc. Anyway, she had to give up hope and leave it behind. I tried it out yesterday, only to discover that my timing was off just enough to place me in mortal danger of swallowing the entire Pacific. This is partially due to the fact that I didn't take my contacts out, and really, for the life of me, could not see past the pain once water got in my eyes. Also, big enough waves seem to come in threes. Meaning, if you attempt to catch the first one, only get part way, and end up sitting on the ocean floor trying to clear your eyes enough to see're just about sure to get pounded by the second one, have your bathing suit twisted completely askew by the third, and experience the not-previously-swallowed part of the Pacific making its way up your nose.

On the plus side, I have a prescription for anyone who thinks they're developing a sinus infection. Go boogie-boarding.

Hmmm...what else?

We were completely distracted last week by having great friends with us... Jon (Sam's Academy buddy) and his bride, Rachelle, stayed on their way from Guam to Norfolk. Poor Jon didn't know what he was getting into, arriving at a house where no man had resided for 4 months. We had a to-do list all ready for him. It involved turning off electrical circuits to repair dangerous wall sockets, tracking down and installing headlight bulbs in the beater, filling up the leaky power-steering fluid, and fixing horrendously annoying pantry doors. (That last one he did of his own accord one morning. I saw him looking at it, testing the door... Little did I ever suspect that one turn of a screwdriver would fix it so perfectly. I, you see, had previously looked at it, tested it, and decided it needed a whole new part and more expertise than I had.) Oh, and tossing Arden high into the air. I thought that was a man sort of job. Jon - how cute is this - turned out to be way more gentle with her than I am. I think it's because he doesn't have kids yet. It takes a while to realize how resilient they are. The problem is, though I have the guts to toss, she can feel on the way down that my arms are not as strong and steady as her daddy's, and she ends up clutching my shirt on the next toss, which, you can imagine, limits the height we can achieve.

We've decided it's awfully fun to take pictures of Dora's belly.

Pat went with us to the Pali Lookout, from which you can see our town, the bay, the base, and Kailua. While I was busy getting artistic...

...someone (Dora?) seems to have retaliated for all the belly-shots, thinking that photos of flying hair were in order. I was shocked. Is my hair really this long? Might be time for a trim.

The first one you see here was nicely posed, although it proved impossible to get Arden to look at the camera. The next two...well... I knew Dora was behind me in the shot, but I didn't know she was cheesing it up!

We went right past the "Road Closed" signs...

...onto the top portion of the Old Pali Highway. I think the mountain up here looks like Scotland. (Thanks, Annie, for passing on the art of self-portraiture.)

Although we'd already turned back uphill, our jaunt was really ended when we found ourselves in an unexpected rain cloud. I grabbed Arden, wrapped my hoodie over her, and ran. At least it ended a little crying fit she had begun over having to hold someone's hand on the walk.

Pitiful, eh? I'll leave you with a happier one. This is titled: Binger on the Beach.

Thus ends my waiting blog. Hopefully, it will not be long before a new one is posted with photos of a wait ended, and a sweet baby girl as Dora's reward. (Ps. 127:3)

I, personally, have also been employing the art of active waiting, but that is an entirely different story, and one for later. Enjoy Jesus, my friends!

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Annie Peterson said...

Nice self-portraiture! And I love Dora cheesing it in the back... :)

And Jon! Yay for Jon!! I need to meet Rachelle one of these days...