Sunday, October 26, 2008


Until about two months ago I'd never driven a manual car. Well, technically I had. But first I'd spent 45 minutes sitting in the driver's seat next to Sam while he explained in detail (he's an engineer, you know) what exactly was happening to the gears etc. When we finally started going I was thinking so hard about the mechanics of it all, I couldn't figure out the simple actions to go along with it. There were many stalls that afternoon.

This time Deanna taught me. We went zipping around the Baptist church's parking lot, and with her constant encouragement I began to believe I could really do this! Now I'll be able to drive in Africa, or Haiti, or rural America...wherever fate might set me down. (Its one of those odd things that have seriously caused me unconscious worry over the years. What if, in some emergency, I needed to know how to drive a manual, but couldn't?!)

Now, I'm proud to report, I've driven a manual ... the rain
...with a screaming toddler in the backseat the middle of the night, to the hospital, with a laboring woman in the backseat
...home from the hospital, with a 1 day-old newborn in the backseat

(a lot of the life of a car seems to happen in the backseat, I guess)

AND...I find myself aching to get behind that wheel when I feel particularly frustrated or anxious or restless. There's just something about slamming down the clutch, shifting, balancing the energy and force with a gentle synchronized sort of motion... All in all, a great way to vent.

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Annie Peterson said...

It does seem like quite a therapeutic, relaxing thing to do...I've gone through that same teaching from Sam. =)