Friday, November 07, 2008


I've returned to the world of online! Two days without internet service was a hiccup that quickly exposed how closely connected I am to what the internet supplies -- instant access to information and to people. Wow. If my grandmother could live in my shoes...

On an unrelated subject:

The reason we pay grocery baggers is for their skill in bagging, right? They know to put the bread on top, the cold things together, the heavy stuff nicely distributed throughout the bags. Not at the commissary, it seems, as evidenced today when I unloaded the groceries and groaned aloud on the way up the stairs. It’s a good thing I’d worked out earlier in the day, or my arms would have decided they were definitely too weak. But I’m in the mind-overcoming-body mode, so the bags made it up the stairs. However, that scripture about doing everything without complaining – didn’t quite make it up the stairs with me.

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Annie Peterson said...

Two days without internet? Tragic. ;)