Monday, November 10, 2008

Praying for Our Appliances

The Lord is good to those who seek Him ... and that includes those who seek Him for very practical reasons. Sam comes home in a week!! It's shocking and exciting, and seems still so far away to Dora, and so soon to me. In the meantime, the appliances have started breaking. A few days ago an, um, shall we say "object", accidentally went down the garbage disposal. A horrific noise ensued, followed by the low, grinding hum of a motor burned out. Dora pulled out the object (ok, it was a pint-sized baby spoon of Arden's) and tried the switch several times. Nothing but that low, burned-out motor sound! We looked at each other with raised eyebrows. While I began wondering if the landlord would replace it or he would, as with the ants, say that it was our responsibility, from Dora's lips came this whisper: "Jesus, please fix our garbage disposal."

Yea! That's right! Sam's the one who would normally take something like this in hand. And in the absence of Sam, why wouldn't Jesus step in? We might as well ask.

Yesterday I absentmindedly used it. It wasn't until after I was done with the dishes that it dawned on me: it had worked!

That's not all, folks! Last night an odd blinking appeared on the dishwasher (which was full, ready to start, and oh-so-smelly). None of the other buttons worked, the cancel button didn't work, and no matter what we tried, the thing would not turn on. Oh boy. Dora pulled out the user manual, which described every possible problem but the one presenting. After many tries we gave up. This morning I wandered upstairs in my glasses, made tea, munched on some cereal, and chatted with Dora. Partially through my bowl I realized that the dishwasher was open, no longer smelly, and half-way unloaded. Oh, said Dora, last night I asked Jesus to fix it, and when I got up to nurse Genevieve in the middle of the night, all the lights were normal. So I turned it on.

Jesus fixes appliances! I love this partly because they're way more black-and-white than human bodies. He designed our bodies to heal and repair themselves. When He intervenes and heals them Himself, it sometimes seems like He just speeded things up. But when He fixes a scrap of metal and wires, that otherwise would have sat rusting until it hit the junkyard, it seems so, so, unnatural.

In other news of the unnatural... a dear friend sent Dora and I a sample bag of sugar-free Jelly Flops, which are Jelly Belly mistakes from the factory store (like two beans squished together or something). I ate a few and really disliked the sugar-substitute taste, sugar being one of my favorite things when done right. Dora, who doesn't mind it so much, finished off the bag. Now, these are jelly beans, remember. This morning I was greeted with this news: "Those jelly bellies made me so gassy!" Come to think of it, yesterday I felt a bit of the same. Hmmm. She googled it, of course, and discovered this was a common theme in comments about sugar-free Jelly Bellies. Then the back of the bag was retrieved and read. There in the fine print, was something along these lines: "Warning, may cause stomach upset. Every person reacts differently. We suggest you start with 8 or less beans."

These are JELLY beans, JELLY! Super unnatural.

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Annie Peterson said... amazing. I love Jesus!!