Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A New Feeling

I met a man yesterday who dwarfed me. I am not exaggerating. I felt, for the first time, what it is like to be petite. One doesn't like to ask intrusive questions, but oh how I longed to know what his genetic heritage was... Finnish, Norwegian, Nephilim...? But I only longed for that after I'd left his house. While in this man's presence I was, well, stunned into silence.

In my long-frustrated search to find an armoire to hide the tv (no one likes to acknowledge they have a tv in the house -- best to cover it up) I've met many an interesting person. But Joe took the prize. A sorrowful sort of soul, who seemed to have five grandkids but no wife, he was not in the least disproportionate. In fact, driving up and seeing him in front of his house, he looked like a regular 6 foot-ish man. But then one got out of the car, walked closer, and his size didn't diminish but grow.

You may think I'm being ridiculous, but I cannot emphasize this enough. I, all 5'11" of me, felt very, very small. I'm sure I've met super-tall men before, but they must have been tall and skinny, not perfectly proportional. On the way home I commented to Annie that perhaps there was a good reason the Vikings were vikings.

Very interesting. I think I now know how pretty little asian ladies feel standing beside American, milk-fed men.

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Erin O said...

And yet, oddly enough, the half Swedish gal (me) is only 5 foot. Guess I got the recessive Viking gene from my 5'1" 100% Swede mother.