Thursday, October 29, 2009

28 Days of Joy -- Day 11

Day 10 didn't have a blog because I (and my roommate - I had a partner in this scandal) stayed up past day 10 (let's just put it that way) to watch one of the Lord of the Ring movies. Do you know what my very first impression was, upon popping it in?

"Wendy, what bothers me about Frodo, the whole time, is that he has no joy!"

Seriously, by the middle of the 1st movie, aren't you starting to get sort of annoyed? And don't you kind of cringe inside every time the scenes return to the Frodo pov? It's like 2 1/2 movies of torture when it comes to Frodo. Sorrow, fear, disintegration, loss, damage...leading him to disunity with Samwise, an ear to believe lies, etc. Gee Whiz!

Frodo is NOT a type of Christians - let me just make that clear. At least, not of how the Lord Jesus designed. He came to give us life abundant, not life suffering under the great weight of the evil we have to fight.

Yes, we have to fight evil, but we can do it like a warrior glad to strap on his sword, or like Legolas happy to expend days upon days in running pursuit of saving his little friends...but not like a staggering hobbit full of constant mourning and defeat, and not like Eowyn fighting out of fear and frustration and her own personal strength.

In other great news,

I didn't burn the house down when I accidentally left the candles on all night,


I did just get to talk on the phone to my brother in Thailand, where he pulled into port! He was on his way to ride an elephant. Or an Oliphant, whichever you prefer :-)


Annie Peterson said...

Ooooh...he would totally be able to tame an oliphant -- he should try! :)

But I totally agree with you -- I never like the hobbit parts of the movie, but I'd never identified it as total lack of joy...but that's what it is!

Also, did you get my extended edition from Suz & OJ's? I meant to tell you I have them there...

Anonymous said...

I disagree with you about Frodo. I think sometimes the Christian life leads us into dark places where it is impossible to "strap on your sword" or put on a happy face, but when in the midst of that immense weight you do what is right and carry on, you display the face of Christ. Frodo is not a type of all Christians all the time but he is a type of what some Christians experience.

My two cents, Amy P.!


Amy Rachel Peterson said...
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Amy Rachel Peterson said...

Ahh, what shall we do, dear QSFT? For we are at an impasse. I wholly disagree. Yes-there should be no putting on a fake "happy face"...what Jesus has promised, though, is an abundance of deep, constant, abiding joy. Doesn't mean we'll always be laughing, but it does mean we'll always be at peace and at hope. Why, we're not to even grieve like regular humans - and when is life more bleak than when a friend has died? If in that worst of times we are to rejoice, then in the other times of immense weight... well, the implication is obvious.

I'm on the prowl for joy, dear friend, and when I find it, I will keep it and never let it go.

Respectfully disagreeing,
Amy P.!