Wednesday, October 21, 2009

28 Days of Joy -- Day 3 -- Steady

Ever notice how constantly counterfeited real joy is? My imagination can conjure up a form of "joy", but the real thing is way harder to get a hold of.

That feeling of excitement and anticipation - whether before a big event or a little moment - masquerades as it, until that moment is gone and a sort of blank feeling comes over you. I think we've all felt that - the movie is over and the girls' night is done; Sunday evening is gone and tomorrow is work; the ice-cream in the bowl is finished; Christmas Day is past and all the family have left. Our souls grasp, repeatedly, for the elation of happiness, and are repeatedly at a loss when what had been providing it is suddenly absent - and along with it, our joy.

Or, what we thought was joy.

The thing is, if it leaves like that, it probably wasn't real to begin with. Or it was very, very weak. That's not what I want. I want an abiding joy that extends way past the day all the family leaves town, or the moment the big event is over, or the last chord of Sunday-morning worship has reverberated and faded and we all sit down. No, joy is the steady. Happiness is the intermittent, the fading-and-returning.

I'm choosing steady.


Annie Peterson said...

AMEN!!! It's so good to read a blog from you again!

Anonymous said...

Amy, I discovered your blog through your book and I very much like the way you write. You're very talented.

Joy is a fruit of the Spirit and as with real fruit, requires pruning. If we are part of the Vine, we will be pruned back so that we will put our efforts into producing excellent fruit rather than spending our energy producing a lot of mediocre fruit. And pruning is stressful.

I'm being pruned by God showing me what He's going to give me in the future, but keeping my current circumstances barren. Sort of like looking into the promised land from Mt. Nebo. :) The question is, will I choose joy when His leadership is so hard. The risk of failure is real. It's the same risk He took in the Garden. Yet the beauty being produced is proportional to the difficulty of the trial. It looks like He's doing something astoundingly beautiful and fruitful in your life.

Amy Rachel Peterson said...

Thank you, Anonymous. You only know that, I think, because He is also "doing something astoundingly beautiful and fruitful" in your life, too. May God bring you into that promised land, and sustain you during the journey there!