Tuesday, October 27, 2009

28 Days of Joy -- Day 9

Somehow, a bunch of days passed me by on this blog. Sorry about that. Sum them up? Well, a few were beautiful, one involved a burst of tears that was soon conquered by a choice for joy (hooray!), and another was a complete disaster (I won't tell you about it). Here are a few photos of a trip to a pumpkin patch with my family...

Oops, that's the corn part. Actually, I think the adults had as much fun in the corn maze as the kids did.

Which brings us up to date. Today, varied as it was, has ended oddly. I received a nasty email in response to something I'd written about marriage and the church and the enemy, in which I was accused of being out of touch, selfish, full of myself, and full of pride. The writer suggested I work on myself intensely for 3 months, but warned I may never get married.

Wow. Perhaps my response would have been different if a friend had said these things; when it is a stranger it seems much easier to be gracious and circumspect. I checked through the Proverbs first to remind myself of the Lord's advice about getting into arguments, remembered Mike's principle of blessing your enemies, and wrote this person back something short and sweet. Really: sweet. I hope it knocks their bitter socks off and opens a whole new door to the love of the Lord - but I don't really expect it. (Is that jaded of me?)

I don't expect it because it became obvious by the end of the email (partly due to the irrational nature of this person's anger and bitterness) that some major demonic strongholds are involved. It's going to take more than one kind response to bring those down...that takes power, repentance, submission to and reception of truth. But perhaps the kind word can kick-start the process...?

All-told, the incident mostly seems to me to be a direct assault - a cursing - on the joy and freedom the Lord is leading me into this month. In that light, I'm very glad to report that nothing inside is rattled - especially not my belief in God's goodness, His love for me, or His plans to give me fullness of joy and abundance of life.

And may He bless the writer of that email with the same things! Amen :)


Erin O said...

Oh Amy, I wonder if it's the same anonymous poster on my blog who took me to task over my views on Harry Potter. I regret that I was not sweet to him/her. I wasn't nasty, but not sweet. You are a better woman than I.

Anonymous said...

Amy, those kids are cute and you ladies are beautiful!

It seems you're discovering that choosing joy is like putting on armor. The issue of marriage is a vulnerable area in your heart. You know it, the email writer knew that, the enemy knows it. Which is why they attacked there. By choosing joy, you can stand face to face with the enemy and defeat him. And in the process, bring God's redemption to earth. A bonus is that you are free of the fear of man. Well, more free anyway. :) What a great way to live.

But it gets better. Not only are you able to stand, you're also able to encourage fellow believers who are under attack and help them to victory. God's work in your life through these days of joy will echo through the lives of those you're close to as well as those who read your blog. He'll combine that with what He's already doing in their lives to move them closer to Himself.

God is not only good, He's also sovereign and He loves each one of us passionately and individually. So He is always working on our behalf, in every circumstance.


Annie Peterson said...

WHOA! First of all...those pictures are astounding. Judah is SO HANDSOME, and the sisters are [almost] all together.

Did you break those curses?! How crazy to have that happen, but it doesn't seem like the timing is by chance, with all the breakthrough you've been having. I think good things are happening, and the enemy is against it!

I love you, and I love what the Lord is doing in You!! He is so FAITHFUL to us.