Saturday, November 26, 2005

Amy learns the right way to catch salmon...

... and a Fairy heads off to the Harvest Party, accompanied by her Fairy-Godmother-Aunt.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Thanksgiving and World Domination

Happy Thanksgiving! My blog friends…you’ve been entirely too patient with me J I have a brief respite from the last month of busyness, and thought you might like an update. An emergency editing project came up, and since I had the time, I decided to take on the job. I’ve spent most of November buried under my laptop, fending off Ariel’s chubby fingers, and exclaiming 20 times a day, “Don’t press the buttons, Darling!” Very good things have continued to happen in my heart through the church here in Tacoma, and now I find that I only have about three weeks left in town. This is the first Thanksgiving I’m not spending in Chicago, but Suz and I have continued the Peterson traditions…washing the floors and preparing a feast. As I write, the guys are sprawled on the living room floor, playing Risk and watching games on the fwam of a TV that was given to OJ and Suz last night. Speaking of Risk, I have to boast just a little – first in Christ J, and second in the Risk win that Jaime and I (newcomers to the game) achieved over OJ, Jud & Jason last night. It took till 2 am and required an alliance (formed after the boys began having whispered strategy sessions in the kitchen), but you’ll be glad to know that world domination has been peacefully split between two very kind and beautiful women. I knew you’d agree – sounds like a very nice world to live in!

One of my other recent triumphs (yes, there are several) was WINNING at Scrabble against Suz & OJ, who are such Scrabble aficionados they once “accidentally” spent an entire date night playing online matches with opponents in Britain. I freely admit that Suz is the one who helped me out on the 50-point word that gave me the lead. The third and last triumph I’ll mention here is yesterday’s creek expedition, during which I caught several salmon with my bare hands (photo posted). They protested some, but were so tired from swimming upstream that they had little fight left in them.

I also have little fight left in me, though in a much better sense. My soul is feeling so freed from life-long constraints; it’s no longer fighting against the Lord’s corrective or caressing words. I’m eager to enter fully into my original design—whether that means repenting of believing lies about myself and God, or luxuriating in the truths He has spoken. There are some areas of life in which I realize I truly don’t know who I am. I’ve been operating according to outside definitions (many propagated by His enemy) for so long, that I’m shocked they are not true and I don’t have to submit to them. I am on a journey in far more than a physical sense, and I am so thankful! The Lord is good.

(Also posted is a photo of me and Ariel dressed for the church's Harvest Party.)

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!